Certified Public Manager® Program

The Alabama Training Institute offers the nationally accredited Certified Public Manager® (CPM) training program which has been providing comprehensive management training to hundreds of leaders across Alabama for over 25 years. 

CPM is a dynamic and engaging training program that seeks to develop and enhance the skills of managers in Alabama. The CPM program utilizes projects and course material that inspire new ways of thinking and innovative approaches to solving problems. Students participate in critical thinking as they explore methods to achieve efficiency gains or cost savings in their agencies. Courses include topics such as leadership, project management, interpersonal communication, performance coaching, building and leading teams, and managing public organizations and building partnerships.

Techniques learned in the CPM program can be utilized in any work environment and bring a renewed perspective to work units and agencies as a whole. The Certified Public Manager® program is a vital tool for government organizations, particularly during lean times, as managers are forced to re-think their approaches and introduce methods that allow their agencies to save time, effort and money.